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delouse v : free of lice; "They deloused the prisoners after they liberated the camps"

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de- + louse


  1. To remove lice.
    A veterinarian could delouse your dog.
  2. To apply insecticides or insect repellants in order to be sure that no lice or other parasites are present.
    During the Korean Conflict, US soldiers were deloused with DDT upon entering basic training.
  3. to remove malicious software such as viruses, trojans, spyware, or worms.
    A deloused computer may no longer be considered trustworthy.

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antisepticize, autoclave, bleach, boil, bowdlerize, chlorinate, clean, clean out, clean up, cleanse, clear out, decontaminate, depurate, deterge, disinfect, dry-clean, dust, dust off, expurgate, freshen, fumigate, hygienize, lustrate, pasteurize, purge, purify, reform, sanitate, sanitize, scavenge, spruce, steam-clean, sterilize, sweep out, sweeten, tidy, whiten, wipe, wipe off, wipe out, wipe up
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